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Softie Kit NTG

The Softie Kit, NTG incorporates Rycote’s patented Duo-Lyre® suspension for massive handling noise reduction and superior sound quality. It’s light, fast and effective in…
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T 1 2nd Generation and A 2 Headphone Amplifier bundle - Syntec - Amplifiers - Headphone amplifiers - A grade clearance stock specials - Headphones and headsets - Other - Headphone Amp Packages - T 1 2nd Generation and A 2 Headphone Amplifier bundle - Distributed by Syntec

T 1 2nd Generation and A 2 Headphone Amplifier bundle

Take your music to new levels with the legendary T1 2nd Gen headphones and A 2 headphone amplifier.

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TG 550

Vocal Set, UHF diversity system, with 9,5", TG 500 single receiver and dynamic handheld with TG V50 capsule (cardioid), pilot tone, scan function, incl. power supply,…
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Australia March 2018 -  Make it yours: following this motto, beyerdynamic is transforming the sound of its headphones into a completely customised experience.

Audio Quality:
Aventho headsets offer three very important features; the first being the highest quality audio reproduction via wireless Bluetooth transmission to enjoy music from your favorite audio device. Or for that matter take a...

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Sydney, December 2017
The following is an extract from a PC Mag review on the MMX 300 (2nd Gen) headset.    
The MMX 300 doesn't look like a gaming headset. It looks like a high-end pair of headphones with a boom mic attached. It's completely black, with large, round plastic ear-cups mounted on anodized...

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Sydney, November 2017
Calling all Musicians, Podcasters, Bloggers & YouTubers.                                   
The new DT 240 PRO headphones offer professional sound quality now at an entry level price! Music is not only created in a studio. Videos are...

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